Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Humility | Four Steps to Humility : Catholic Healing Psychology

I'm doing some research on "True Humility" vs "False Humility" and I came across this. I found this site a few years ago and it has excellent resources for quitting any addiction. Humility Four Steps to Humility : Catholic Healing Psychology: "Difference Between Humility and Masochism
To live in humility is to live always in total confidence of God’s love, protection, and guidance and therefore to have no concern for yourself when others insult you—or praise you. Secure in God’s love, you don’t have to base your identity on whether or not others acknowledge you.
In masochism, on the other hand, you invite others to insult you because, as a psychological defense against the pain of deep emotional wounds, you take unconscious pleasure in being demeaned in the secret hope that you will somehow, someday, earn someone’s admiration for your willingness to endure painful abuse.
Therefore, whereas masochism, and all false humility, burdens the soul, genuine humility brings enlightenment to the soul and frees it from all that would obstruct its service to God."


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