Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

This new year is very exciting for me...In converting to Roman Catholicism, I love the examination of conscience, going to confession and the healing of praying the Act of Contrition. Which has inspired me to examine many areas of my life. Looking back over this past year, I have grown tremendously in thoughts and in deeds! I've learned to except people where they are and to let go and let God. I am spending my New Years Eve in my room journaling and goal setting. This past year has truly laid the groundwork for the new year ahead of me. Living in a constant state of grace has gained me so much peace and strength to overcome, but as I was reflecting earlier today I had a little dash of fear come over me as I was thinking ahead and instantly I was so thankful for my bible baptist and pentecostal background, for I truly have God's word stamped on my heart. As I had fear, a verse from Psalms 119 came into my heart and that was: "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I may not sin against Thee." In this age of confusion, God's word brings me everything I need for survival in living out the sacramental life. Its my herbal tea for my heart and the honey to soul as I surf the waves of life. The waves at times, seem to be many, but the beauty is the God that created this world and all therein, is in control. No matter what humanist try to infiltrate in our daily lives. Our Lady of Sitka, pray for us!

I used to read the King James version and Now I only read the Douay-Rheims, not for theological reasons, for the very reason that I love the "King James/Old English" language. As a matter of fact the passage that I quoted is Psalms 118 in the DR version. Verses 9 - 16 are so beautiful that I must share:

9. But what doth a young man correct his way? By observing thy words.

10.With my whole heart have I sought after Thee: let me not stray from thy commandments.

11. Thy words have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against thee.

12. Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy justifications.

13. With my lips I have pronounced all the judgments of thy mouth.

14. I have been delighted in the way of thy testimonies, as in all riches.

15. I will meditate on thy commandments: and I will consider thy ways.

16. I will think of thy justifications: I will not forget thy words.

This has been my favorite video of Mama Mary that I found on You Tube. So in honor of her I wanted to post it here. I'm having difficulty in downloading it on this blog here is the link..


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Marilena said...

nice to see you back! happy new year!